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At Always Green Turf, we champion the transformation of landscapes in the Colorado Springs Metro Area. As the leading artificial turf design company, we are deeply committed to offering durable, water-saving, and low-maintenance ProGreen products. We’ve been harnessing industry-leading innovations for years, guaranteeing an unmatched quality in every artificial turf we install. With a legacy backed by over two decades of research, we take pride in delivering artificial grass solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Our integration of Supersoft fiber technology ensures a plush underfoot experience without compromising strength. Every step on our artificial grass redefines comfort, a testament to our expertise in artificial turf design services. Dive into a world where luxury meets sustainability right in the heart of Colorado Springs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Artificial Turf Design Service

Navigating the world of artificial turf can be overwhelming. Here’s a brief overview to clear up some common queries.

  • How do you lay out artificial grass?

    Installing artificial grass, especially from top-notch artificial turf design companies like Always Green Turf, demands precision and expertise. The process typically begins by removing any existing lawn or vegetation. The ground is then leveled and compacted, creating a solid foundation for the synthetic grass design. A weed membrane, which serves as an artificial grass installer’s shield against potential weed growth, is laid out over the prepared ground. The turf rolls, whether fake grass or a specialized synthetic turf design, are then rolled out meticulously, ensuring no creases or bubbles. It’s essential to trim the edges to fit the area perfectly. Once placed, the turf is secured with ground pins or adhesive, depending on the surface.

  • What should not be put on artificial turf?

    Artificial turf, especially when sourced from a reputable artificial turf supplier like Always Green Turf, is designed for resilience. However, to maintain its aesthetics and durability, certain precautions are advisable. Keep sharp objects that could cut or puncture the surface away. Avoid placing items with the potential to melt, such as lit cigarettes or burning charcoal. While our synthetic grass design resists most chemicals, avoiding spilling harsh detergents or solvents on the turf is best. Regular maintenance, like cleaning with mild soap and water, can help keep your artificial turf looking pristine.

  • Can you lay artificial grass directly on dirt?

    Certainly! Laying artificial grass directly on dirt is a common practice in artificial turf design installation. However, the ground needs preliminary preparation. Begin by removing weeds and debris. Compact the soil thoroughly to ensure a firm base. To prevent future weed growth, an artificial turf installer will place a weed barrier or membrane. Over this, a thin layer of sand can be added to enhance stability. Once the base is ready, the artificial grass, whether fake turf or a more specialized synthetic grass design, is rolled out, stretched, and secured in place.

  • Is the thicker the artificial grass the better?

    Thickness can contribute to the lush appearance and soft feel of artificial grass. However, the true quality of an artificial turf design isn’t determined solely by thickness. Factors like the resilience of the yarn, the density of stitches, and the underlying technology play vital roles. At Always Green Turf, we understand the intricacies of artificial grass design, ensuring that our products, whether for a putting green or a residential lawn, combine aesthetics with functionality.

  • How do you improve drainage under artificial grass?

    Ensuring good drainage is a pivotal aspect of synthetic turf installation. The base preparation is crucial. Start by creating a slight slope for water run-off. A mixture of fine crushed stone or sand can help drainage while providing a stable base for the synthetic grass design. Always choose artificial grass with built-in drainage holes, whether for a putting green or a playground. Lastly, periodic maintenance, including checking for blockages or debris, ensures that your artificial turf remains flood-free and fresh, regardless of the weather.

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Enhance Your Space with Our Artificial Turf Design Services in El Paso County, Colorado

As a renowned artificial turf design company, Always Green Turf proudly presents a comprehensive range of turf solutions to elevate your spaces. Our dedication to quality, paired with advanced technological implementations, promises turf that looks great and stands the test of time.

Commercial Turf Design

Catering to businesses, our commercial turf design ensures durability and aesthetic appeal. As a trusted synthetic turf design supplier, we understand the unique challenges and needs of commercial spaces, delivering designs that look good and withstand heavy foot traffic.

Residential Turf Design

Our residential artificial grass design services focus on creating serene, picturesque environments for homeowners. From luxurious lawns to dedicated putting greens, our artificial turf design installation company guarantees a personal touch to each project, ensuring your outdoor spaces become the envy of your neighbors.

Natural-Looking Turf Design

For those seeking the beauty of natural grass without the upkeep, our natural-looking turf design is a dream come true. Every blade is designed to mimic real grass, offering an uncanny similarity that fools even the keenest eyes.

Textured Turf Design

Texture adds depth and interest. Our textured synthetic grass design boasts multiple fiber lengths and textures, making it perfect for those looking for a more dynamic and tactile experience underfoot.

Monofilament Turf Design

Sleek, uniform, and consistent, our monofilament synthetic turf design offers a streamlined look. As an artificial turf design supplier, we ensure that this design offers aesthetics and durability, making it suitable for various applications.

Fescue-Bladed Turf Design

Capturing the essence of the lush fescue grass variety, our fescue-bladed turf design is a favorite for those seeking a dense, luxurious turf. It’s especially beloved in residential settings, offering a plush green canvas year-round.

Multi-Color Turf Design

Our multi-color artificial grass design is a blend of varying shades, creating a more realistic and vibrant appearance. It’s perfect for those wanting to inject some color and personality into their spaces.

Putting Green Turf Design

Golf enthusiasts rejoice! Our putting green turf design is crafted with precision, ensuring a consistent roll and authentic feel. Whether you’re a budding golfer or a seasoned pro, our putting green solutions will elevate your game.

Pet-Friendly Turf Design

We understand the unique challenges pets can pose to turf. Our pet-friendly synthetic turf design ensures easy clean-up, resistance to wear and tear from playful paws, and most importantly, a comfortable space for your furry friends to roam.

Sport-Specific Turf Design

Catering to various sports, our sport-specific turf design considers factors like traction, bounce, and player safety. As an experienced synthetic turf installer, we ensure optimum performance for athletes across all levels.

Artificial Ivy and Green Walls

Beyond turf, we take pride in offering artificial ivy and green walls. They’re perfect for those seeking vertical green solutions, turning bland walls into lush, green canvases.

Temporary Event Turf Design

Events need to leave an impression, and our temporary event fake turf does precisely that. Easy to install and remove, it transforms venues, creating memorable backdrops for any occasion.

Artificial Turf Design

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