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In the bustling urban spaces of Colorado Springs, businesses aim to stand out. Always Green Turf plays a pivotal role in this transformation. As a leading commercial turf supplier in Colorado Springs, we revolutionize landscapes with the finest American-made artificial grass products. We specialize in crafting iconic commercial spaces, from chic restaurant patios and clinic lawns to the vibrant play areas of shopping centers. With our commercial artificial grass installer expertise, businesses elevate their aesthetic appeal, creating inviting and sustainable environments. Dive into the world of synthetic beauty and unrivaled quality; choose Always Green Turf for all your commercial turf needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Commercial Turf Supply Service

In Colorado Springs, commercial spaces demand impeccable aesthetics. Always Green Turf is at the forefront of providing top-notch turf solutions for businesses. Delve into our FAQs to understand why we’re the preferred commercial artificial glass supplier in the Pikes Peak Region.

  • Does turf add property value?

    Absolutely. Incorporating artificial grass or synthetic turf can lead to an increase in property value. Commercial properties with pristine, maintenance-free lawns are appealing. Additionally, businesses such as restaurants and cafes with alluring outdoor seating areas can expect improved customer footfall. Many studies suggest that landscaping, including turf installations, can offer a significant return on investment.

  • What are the disadvantages of turf lawns?

    While artificial turf offers myriad advantages, there are potential downsides. Some low-quality artificial grass may not be as aesthetically appealing as natural grass. It can also heat up more than natural grass during sunny days, so choosing a high-quality commercial grass supply like Always Green Turf is crucial. Lastly, it doesn’t support the natural ecosystem in the way that natural grass does.

  • What is the best location for artificial grass?

    Artificial grass is versatile and can be installed in a variety of locations. It’s perfect for spaces where natural grass struggles to grow, like shaded areas under trees or indoors in shopping centers. Restaurants, cafes, and other commercial entities also benefit from synthetic grass installations in patios, decks, or around pool areas. Always Green Turf, the premier commercial turf company, has expertise in determining the best location for your specific needs.

  • What should you put down before laying artificial grass?

    Before laying artificial grass, it’s essential to prepare the base. The area should be excavated to remove organic material, followed by grading for proper drainage. A layer of crushed stone or gravel is then compacted to provide a firm base. This ensures stability, aids in drainage, and provides a flat surface. Utilizing a trusted commercial turf installation company like Always Green Turf ensures these steps are executed flawlessly.

  • How often should you water artificial grass?

    Artificial grass doesn’t require watering for growth like natural grass. However, an occasional rinse is recommended to keep it clean and free from dust or pollen. In high footfall areas like cafes or shopping centers, a more frequent rinse might be necessary to keep the turf looking fresh. This minimal maintenance is another reason why many commercial entities are opting for synthetic grass solutions from top-tier suppliers like Always Green Turf.

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Enhance Your Space with Our Commercial Turf Services in El Paso County, Colorado

Every business wants to leave a lasting impression, and nothing speaks professionalism quite like a pristine, well-maintained outdoor space. Whether you’re a bustling restaurant, a tranquil cafe, or a bustling shopping center, our wide range of commercial turf services guarantees a visual appeal like no other.

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Artificial Turf for Yards and Lawn

Elevate your commercial establishment with artificial turf tailored for yards and lawns. Ideal for outdoor restaurants, cafes, and shopping center exteriors, our synthetic turf provides a green touch year-round. Not only does it offer aesthetic appeal, but its durability also makes it perfect for high foot traffic areas. Invest in this sustainable solution to ensure your commercial space remains evergreen without the hassle of regular lawn maintenance.

Artificial Putting Greens

Luxury hotels, golf resorts, and upscale cafes can benefit immensely from our artificial putting greens. These installations combine recreation with sophistication, providing guests with a delightful, relaxing space. Crafted with top-tier commercial artificial grass, these greens offer a smooth playing experience and a visual appeal that can be a significant draw for potential clients or customers.

Artificial Grass Walls

Restaurants, clinics, and office spaces can transform their interiors and exteriors with our artificial grass walls. These installations provide a unique visual appeal, making spaces feel more vibrant and alive. Additionally, green walls can act as sound dampeners, creating a serene atmosphere, which is especially beneficial in bustling commercial environments.

Artificial Grass Flooring

Our artificial grass flooring can rejuvenate event venues, indoor sports arenas, and commercial patios. This innovative solution offers a touch of nature indoors, ensuring a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. It’s an excellent choice for businesses wanting to stand out and offer a unique experience to their patrons.


Schools, daycares, and family-centric shopping centers can provide children with safe play areas using our commercial-grade playground artificial turf. Designed for safety, our synthetic turf installations ensure soft landings, reducing the risk of injuries. Plus, the vibrant green hues offer an inviting space for kids to play and explore.

Pet areas

Pet clinics, pet-friendly cafes, and dog parks within commercial compounds can opt for our specialized pet turf. Engineered to be durable and easy to clean, it offers an optimal environment for pets to play. The synthetic grass remains vibrant and provides a comfortable surface, ensuring both pets and their owners have a pleasant experience.

Sport fields

Sports complexes, schools, and recreational centers can benefit from our high-performance sports field turf. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, or any other sport, our artificial turf is designed for optimal performance, ensuring players have a consistent and safe playing surface. With our commercial turf installation, you guarantee a field that meets professional standards.

Tee Lines / Hitting Mats

Golf clubs, resorts, and commercial sporting venues can enhance their practice areas with our tee lines and hitting mats. Created to mimic real grass’s feel, they offer golf enthusiasts, from amateurs to pros, an authentic experience, ensuring every swing is perfect.

Batting Cages

Sports arenas, entertainment complexes, and educational institutions can upgrade their batting cages with our specially designed turf. Offering consistent bounce and durability, players can focus on their game, ensuring every hit is precise. Maintenance is minimal with our commercial-grade synthetic grass, ensuring the cage remains in top condition for longer.

Pool Surrounds

Hotels, resorts, and recreational centers with pools can add a touch of elegance with our turf solutions. Our pool surrounds are designed to be slip-resistant, providing a safe environment. Plus, the vibrant green adds to the luxury experience, ensuring guests can lounge in style.

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Taking the leap into commercial synthetic grass solutions has never been easier. Always Green Turf invites businesses to elevate their landscapes with the pinnacle of synthetic turf and artificial grass. As the most trusted commercial turf installation company in the region, our reputation rests on excellent service and unmatched product quality. Interested in transforming your commercial space? Call us today at (719) 660-3446 or fill out our contact form for a free quote. Our commercial turf installer team is eager to assist, ensuring a seamless transition to greener, more vibrant spaces. Don’t wait; explore the world of possibilities with Always Green Turf.